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Join 180DC Executive Team: Executive Insights Part 2

At 180 Degrees Consulting, we pride ourselves in creating awareness and education surrounding positive social change through consulting. As the largest university-based consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises, we want to provide our consultants with a welcoming community, ready to take on consulting projects of all kinds.

Are you interested in consulting? Or enacting social change? If you are, then you should definitely apply for one of our available executive positions!

The current positions available include:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Partnerships Director

  • Events Director

  • Marketing Director

  • People and Culture Director

If you would like to learn first hand what it’s like to be a part of our executive team, we’ve provided a comprehensive breakdown to show you all the ins and outs.

Read on to take a look into our Events, Marketing and People & Culture Directors:

Events Director: Joanna (Jo) Mao

Bachelor of Commerce (Majors in Accounting and Economics), Diploma of French

Jo’s journey with 180DC started with her involvement as a project consultant in 2019, sparked by her interest in management consulting, but also her desire to explore the not-for-profit space. From this point, Jo went on to become Team Leader and ultimately, ended up in the position of Events Director.

Whilst working closely with both the Partnerships Director and People & Culture Director, the Events Director is mainly involved with creating and coordinating external events. Additionally, setting up events like the BCG Case Competition, Crack the Case and Recruitment Information Sessions are just a few of the many events Jo has to manage.

Within this position, there is an amount of flexibility and autonomy which really gives the director great room for creativity and iteration for the external events that 180DC hosts, alongside the opportunities to work with a wide variety of external stakeholders. Jo was able to achieve two major goals within the flexibility that her role provided: 1) To build on some of 180’s 2020 events, and 2) Create new events to cater to external members. Through hosting events throughout 2021 like 180’s inaugural Sustainability Night, which received a large number of positive feedback from both attendees and representatives, Jo was able to build upon the developed infrastructure necessary for the incoming Events Director to use moving forward.

Jo has outlined her three main tips for potential applicants:

  1. Being a 180DC executive undoubtedly will take a lot of your time, and a strong dedication to what our organisation stands for. Definitely research into who we are and what we stand for, and ask yourself whether your values align with ours.

  2. Come into the application with an open mind. Whether it be in your interview or once you step into the role should you be successful, having an open attitude and being ready to face unexpected challenges is crucial to excelling in the role.

  3. Be yourself! While it might be cliché, present your honest and true self to your executive team application.

Marketing Director: Gabrielle Hurrel

Bachelor of Commerce (Majors in Management and Marketing)

Gabrielle Hurrel is very new to the 180DC Exec Team and community as a whole. She joined the team as Marketing Director in July of this year.

As the Marketing Director, Gabrielle is responsible for driving social media campaigns and increasing awareness and engagement with the 180DC community through our socials. In addition to this, Gabrielle also oversees the communications portfolio at 180DC which includes our blog and newly launched podcast. She does tend to play a more active role in the blog, something she is familiar with as Gabrielle loves to write! All up, her role really comes down to projecting the core values of 180DC to the community and other stakeholders through our socials, emails, website and communications.

Some of her highlights of the role have included running recruitment campaigns that attract new talent to the team, collaborating with other universities and societies to drive new partnerships, and finally, attending consulting workshops and events since she is new to the field.

When she is not working at 180DC, Gabrielle is studying Marketing as a part of her Bachelor of Commerce, and also works part-time as a legal clerk. With 180DC, uni and a couple of jobs on the go, Gabrielle is no stranger to time management and recommends finding the tools that work for you. Her go to: ClickUp! She is also a huge fan of traditional paper and pen and prints out her calendars and ‘to do lists’ for the week.

Here are Gabrielle’s top three tips for applicants:

  1. Have a vision. Think about what you’d like to do as a brand manager and what you can bring to the team.

  2. Think creatively. We love to try new things, so think outside of the box.

  3. Learn and grow! Always be open to learning from others and sharing your ideas

People & Culture Director: Hasini Ilangaratne

Bachelor of Pharmacy, Master of Management

Hasini is currently the People and Culture Director at 180DC and has been in this role since the start of 2021. Leading up to this, she joined as a Project Consultant at the start of 2020, partook in a Wintensive that same year and finally, became a Team Leader for semester two of 2020. The rest is history!

Hasini loved her time as a Consultant and Team Leader which motivated her to apply for an Executive role so that she could give back to the community. People and culture seemed to be the perfect fit as one of Hasini’s passions is creating solutions that celebrate the human and highlight the individual.

Hasini is predominantly responsible for leading recruitment to grow our talent base and fostering a strong community and culture. She has found both of these roles incredibly rewarding. Recruitment at 180DC is markedly more positive, inclusive and fun, catering to students from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. Furthermore, in spite of Covid-19, our culture is thriving thanks to Zoom cook-offs, movie nights, trivia battles and competitions.

When she isn’t managing the HR portfolio, Hasini works as a pharmacist and is completing her Master of Management. She manages to strike a balance in her life through using tools like Trello and Google Calendar to manage her time and help her stay on top of meetings. She also takes time to reflect on her life including what is going well and what she can do to find a better balance.

Here are Hasini’s top three tips for applicants:

  1. Showcase your true self and what you think you can bring to the portfolio.

  2. Have a clear understanding of the role you wish to apply for and be prepared to demonstrate why you think you’d be a great fit.

  3. Think about the impacts you have created through your actions – be ready to flex your skills and be confident in your capabilities.

If you’re interested in seeing some more of 180DC’s Executive Team insights take a look at our 180DC Executive Team: Executive Insights Part 1 here.

Or, if you’d like to apply for one of these Executive positions, you can apply here


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