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Our impact and services are two-fold
helping NFPs reach their full potential whilst training and developing the next generation of student leaders.
180DC provides socially conscious organisations around the world with pro bono, professional consulting services. Our volunteer consulting community works with organisations to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to whatever challenges they may be facing.

Concurrently, 180DC provides its students with training and professional development in partnership with leading management consultancies.


Expand to new geographical areas and markets.
Measure their social impact, and be data driven in decision making.
Improve their fundraising capabilities, to improve their results
Identify and reduce unnecessary costs so that money travels further.
Identify and implement global best practice
Help solve operational challenges with innovative strategies to achieve their aims.
Improve branding and marketing to reach a wider audience.
Recruit, train and retain volunteers.
Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.
Access highly leveraged volunteer opportunities


Access mentoring and professional development from industry leaders
Gain work experience and networks in the social impact sector.
Receive leadership and management training to run local teams and branches.
Apply their academic interests in a practical, real-world environment.
Learn about the challenges facing non-profits and social enterprises.
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