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  • Evie Filippis

Join 180DC Executive Team: Executive Insights Part 1

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

At 180 Degrees Consulting, we aim to provide not-for-profit (NFPs) organisations with pro bono, professional consulting services. Our community always strives to provide excellent education and awareness about creating positive social change.

If this is what you also stand for and wish to further promote, you should definitely have a crack at applying for one of our executive positions.

The current positions available include:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Partnerships Director

  • Events Director

  • Marketing Director

  • People and Culture Director

If you would like to learn first hand what it’s like to be a part of our executive team, we’ve provided a comprehensive breakdown to show you all the ins and outs.

Read on to get an insight into our President, Vice-President and Partnerships Director:

President: Francesca Qu

Bachelor of Arts (Majors in Economics and Politics), Diploma of Music

Francesca has been an integral part of 180DC since 2019, having started as a Consultant, then moving to Team Leader and now, President of 180DC in 2021.

As President, Francesca sets overarching branch strategy and works most closely with the Vice-President, Amin, throughout the client acquisition process and management of the executive team. In addition to internal business development is the key liaison for external stakeholders such as the FBE, GSA, Consumer Affairs Victoria and the Global Leadership Team. Most importantly, the facilitation and co-creation of portfolio directors' vision is imperative for the branch's direction due to the roles' immense autonomy. It's especially important to implement the initiatives that the portfolio directors are most excited about - 'they're your core team'.

When trying to strike that balance between uni studies and extracurricular commitments, Francesca recommends setting a solid schedule, here, Google Calendar is your best friend! Also, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is always good.

The most exciting aspects about the role for Francesca have been the ability to represent Melbourne in the 180DC global community and facilitate strategy across the branch. Observing the sheer scale of 180's impact globally whilst being able to learn and apply international best practices has been 'a humbling experience' for her. Strengthening 180DC's mentorship journey was a key part of her 2021 vision; Francesca describes having consultants approach and express their social impact development through 180 projects and workshops as immensely rewarding, this was ultimately what Francesca wanted to provide to the wider180DC team.

Here are Francesca’s top three tips for applicants:

  1. Share your vision. Where do you see 180 going?

  2. Reflect on what draws you specifically to the role you've applied for.

  3. Reach out to me, or anyone else on the executive team for a chat!

Vice-President: Amin Abbas

Master of Business Administration

Having started out as a Team Leader at 180DC in 2020, Amin has been able to expand his skillset whilst creating greater impact in his position of Vice-President.

Throughout the Vice-President role, Amin mainly liaises with Francesca in managing client acquisition for the branch which generally occurs before the start of the semester. This involves writing proposals, having scoping meetings and also writing the scoping documents. Furthermore, in Amin’s role he oversees Director roles - so Amin works closely with the: Consulting, Events and People & Culture Director. Amin also communicates with other branches to implement regional strategies to ensure consistency across all projects. There is a certain flexibility within the Vice-President role which allows for emphasis on areas requiring more attention. For example, Amin was able to deliver workshops such as a Soft Skills Workshop and Public Speaking Workshop to upskill and support our 180DC team.

As part of his vision for the Vice President role, Amin set out to create a set of values for the branch that inform decision making in recruitment, performance management and how 180DC’s teams are to operate in their projects. This values statement, which Amin has workshopped the executive team during the first month of their tenure, encapsulates how the teams are to function and identifies what 180DC’s cultural values are - which is always imperative to ensure branch consistency, support and maintained engagement.

Amin’s tips for potential Vice-President candidates are:

  1. Reach out to us! Feel free to have a conversation with us to understand our roles and discuss what is expected of you.

  2. Have a really good idea of what you want to achieve and most importantly, how to communicate those ideas (e.g. slides, verbally etc.)

  3. Whilst it sounds cliché, be yourself - but have a good idea about what you want to achieve and be ready to take on tough tasks to really push yourself to new heights.

Partnerships Director: Alexandra (Alex) Ambrocio

Master of Management

Alex has been a part of our 180DC team for over a year now, having started out as one of our consultants in 2020.

In her role as Partnerships Director, Alex is responsible for managing relationships between partner organisations and other university branches within the Melbourne region. This includes working closely with the Events and Marketing Directors to co-plan regional training and collaborative branch events as well as maintaining existing relationships with partners. Finally, the Partnerships Director evaluates current agreements and service offerings to attract new companies as part of 180DC’s growth strategy.

Alex was able to grow and diversify the partnership portfolio to include non-consulting organisations, and introduce workshops beyond the traditional ones facilitated by our key partners (Nous and BCG). Additionally, a new internal consultant development initiative was launched this year- an official Career Mentoring program in collaboration with multiple partners (BCG, Nous, Accenture, Deloitte, GDI) which has received positive feedback from mentees and mentors; helping our 180DC team with their professional and personal aspirations.

Overall, if there were three main tips that Alex would recommend for applicants, they would be to:

  1. Know the role you’re applying for inside and out: Interviewers can always distinguish between a well-prepared applicant and one who wings it. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to reach out to me or the team!

  2. Think of unique stories to tell: Having good work or school-related experiences are great, but feel to tell extracurricular or personal anecdotes if they closely answer the interview question and highlight key learnings.

  3. Apply even if you don’t have previous experience! As long as you relate heavily with key traits and skills needed in this position, we encourage you to apply.

So, those are just a few of our Executive Team’s insights into what their roles encapsulate and what is possible to be achieved.

If you're interested in applying, click here.

Be sure to keep an eye out as we’ll be posting a 180DC Executive Team: Executive Insights Part 2 with our other available positions, soon.

Written by: Evie Filippis


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