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180DC has a variety of events open to members which run throughout the semester. These are published on our Facebook page so make sure to follow us there for live updates. Following are a few past events!


Information Night

Interested in applying to join 180DC?

Come and find out more

22nd February '23


Social Impact Evening

A gathering for promoting positive societal change.

11th May '23


180DC x BOW Women in Consulting

A forum highlighting female voices in consulting.

15th August '23


We have a number of internal development events and programs exclusively available to our consultants and team leaders. Bringing together industry mentors, guest speakers and internal knowledge resources, we are committed to creating a holistic professional development experience for our consulting teams.

A core component of this program are our Nous and BCG-run consulting workshops, providing our members with a guided workshop on parts of the consulting process at important touch-points throughout the project cycle.

In Semester 2 of 2023, these are the following internal development sessions implemented.

BCG Issue Tree Workshop


BCG Storylining Workshop


McKinsey Soft Skills Workshop


BCG Presentation Skills Workshop


Fortnightly Branch Meetings


Weekly Case Preparation Sessions


Additionally, consultants have exclusive access to our Career Mentoring Program.


This program was established as a part of our dedication and commitment to our 180DC team's growth.


Our aim is for mentees to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to build their skills, and pursue their professional goals with the help of an expert industry mentor. In our inaugural cycle, our members were paired with mentors from Accenture, BCG, Deloitte, and The Good Data Institute.

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