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How to become a 180DC Consultant- Charan Naidoo

Interested in joining 180 Degrees Consulting at The University of Melbourne?

We are the world’s largest consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises.

180 Degrees Consulting offers high-achieving and creative university students the opportunity to make a genuine impact on the world around them. Our consultants conduct 10-week projects to assist our not-for-profit clients with their most pressing issues and receive free training and mentoring from world-learning consulting organisations.

Keep reading as we explain how to make it happen.

Key skills

Here are some of the key skills that we are looking for in our future consultants. Keep in mind that we are looking for consultants across all disciplines and at all stages in their degrees.

  • A genuine passion for social impact

180 Degrees Consulting is synonymous with social impact. Consequently, the most important skill that we look for in our future consultants is a genuine passion to help our clients enhance and expand their services.

How you could demonstrate a passion for social impact:

In your application, tell us about how you have volunteered in your local community.

  • Demonstrated problem-solving skills

Solving our clients most challenging problems is at the heart of the role. We use consulting frameworks, research and analysis to present a range of solutions to our clients. For example, Mercy Ships asked us to help them obtain more stable donations. Refugee Legal asked us to help them develop a marketing strategy to expand the reach and relevance of their legal services.

How you could demonstrate problem-solving skills:

In your application, tell us about how you helped increase circulation of a student newspaper or how you filled a shortage of members in your orchestra.

  • Proven teamwork skills

In our 11 years of experience, we have learnt that the best ideas often result from group collaboration and teamwork. We believe that a team is more than a sum of its parts. Accordingly, our consultants work in teams of six or seven.

How you could highlight teamwork skills:

Tell us about when you worked with a group of friends to raise money for a charity or how the excellent chemistry on your soccer team helped you win a championship.

  • Open-mindedness

At 180 Degrees Consulting, we seek out consultants who are open to the perspectives of others.

How you could show your open-mindedness:

In your application, tell us about when adopting the perspective of a team member during a group project improved the outcome of the project.

Here are some insider’s tips to improve your chances of success:

Insider tips

Written application

“When responding to the three questions, draw on specific experiences (e.g. an internship) and explain how you influenced outcomes. The STAR method is a good starting point. Conciseness is also valued.”

  • Callen Baxter, Director of Global Operations (Global Leadership Team)

Individual interview

“In the individual interview, just be yourself! We understand that you are more than your resume and we want to get to know you holistically. Be prepared; research 180 Degrees Consulting and speak to current consultants and members of the Executive to deepen your understanding of what we do.”

  • Jeffrey Xia, President (University of Melbourne)

Group interview

“In the group interview, relax and focus on the case. Remember that we do not expect a particular solution; our focus is on assessing your problem-solving and teamwork skills.”

  • Jamie Waters, People & Culture Director (University of Melbourne)

Encouraged by these insider tips? If so, here is how to apply:

How to apply

  1. Submit an online application and respond to three questions. Each question is limited to 250 words.

  2. Attach your resume

Consultant applications for Semester 2 open on July 20th and close on August 5th.

Group and individual interviews are held a few days after applications close.

What are you waiting for? Apply to become a consultant at 180DC!


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