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Areas of Capability

Our branch has experience in a range of areas, including broad project types of:

1. Marketing and Fundraising

2. Strategy

3. Operations and Technology

4. Organisation

5. Finance

1. Marketing and Fundraising


Digital and Social Media

Experiential and Events Advisory

Marketing and Fundraising Strategy

Mass Media Advisory

Relationship Marketing

PR and Communications Strategy

180DC can help the organisation refine their value proposition, connect with key stakeholders through media channels and increase brand awareness through an integrated marketing strategy. 

Project Areas


180DC helped SSR quantify their impact and better communicate it to schools and donors


180DC built a collection of events for Bring Me Home to launch to help build and retain a user base

Bring me Home.png

180DC developed a marketing strategy to expand the reach and relevance of a core product

Refugee Legal.jpg

180DC undertook a public interest survey into space and offered insights to improve recruitment

Melbourne Space.jpg

180DC helped Mercy Ships explore solutions to obtain more stable donations

Mercy ships.png

180DC developed a marketing strategy to capture a broader applicant pool


180DC developed a branding strategy and fundraising campaign

Hapiness is camping.png

180DC developed a recruitment strategy to increase the number of applicants in technical roles


180DC developed an internal communications framework for Robogal’s three operating levels



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