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  • Jessica Chen

The 180 Degrees Consulting Global Leadership Team- what do they do?

Written by Charan Naidoo

Let’s play a quick guessing game.

You constantly hear about them but know very little. What am I talking about?

The Global Leadership Team, commonly referred to as the GLT.

In this blog post, I shed light on the Global Leadership Team and their function.

What is the Global Leadership Team and what do they do?

With over 150 branches in 36 countries, 180 Degrees Consulting is truly a global organisation. Global presence requires global leadership. The Global Leadership Team is the body that leads and manages the work of 180 Degrees globally.

The Global Leadership Team comprises the following divisions: Operations, Business Development, Consulting, Marketing, and Growth. These divisions are supported by the Finance, IT, Strategic Projects, and People & Culture divisions.

The GLT helps establish new branches, supports existing branches, facilitates collaboration between branches and provides strategic advice for the organisation.

e.g. GLT Directors in focus- the Directors of Global Operations

I had the opportunity to speak with the Directors of Global Operations- Whitney Zhao and Callen Baxter. Whitney was Vice President of The University of Melbourne branch and Callen was President.

The primary objective of the Directors of Global Operations is to provide operational support to their respective branches.

For Whitney, whose focus is domestic, this means regular engagement with the Presidents and the Executive of the Melbourne-based branches. For example, Whitney provides advice on the organisation of the ‘Crack the Case’ competition.

For Callen, whose focus is international, this means regular engagement with the

Presidents and the Executive of selected international branches, from Lebanon to New Zealand. Callen works collaboratively to structure newly-established international branches and advises established branches on matters such as client acquisition.

What does the GLT do for our branch?

Strategic advice

According to the President, Jeffrey Xia, it is easy to become bogged down in day-to-day operations and lose perspective. The GLT provides the Executive and the President with strategic advice to ensure that the branch is functioning and growing sustainably.

Facilitate collaboration between branches

The GLT facilitates regular meetings between the different 180 Degrees Consulting branches in Melbourne. These meetings are a valuable opportunity for the Executive of our branch to coordinate with the Executive from other branches on operational matters, such as recruitment, marketing and partnerships.

Global Consulting Awards

The Global Consulting Awards, held each year, publicly recognise the best-performing branches around the world. This is an opportunity for us to measure our performance against other branches across the world.

Administrative support

The GLT also provides administrative support to our branch. For example, the Legal team provides advice on signing contracts with new clients. The Marketing team assists with marketing collateral.

Should I apply to join the GLT?

I’m really interested in joining the GLT but I am not a member of the Executive of our branch. Does this not prevent me from applying for a role on the GLT?

This is a common misunderstanding.

The primary consideration for the GLT in hiring new directors is that they are, to quote Callen Baxter, ‘keen and ready to learn’.

If you have experience as a consultant and have found a directorship here which aligns with your professional interests, then you should strongly consider applying.

The GLT is an excellent opportunity to work with a diverse team from around the world, enhance your professional capabilities (e.g. teamwork capability) and have an international impact.

GLT roles are advertised here.


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